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Hub and Spoke works with it’s partners  to provide first-class IT solutions, software, support, infrastructure and business services that are required for your business to operate at its best.

We genuinely believe that business systems should provide your business, customers, clients and employees with the infrastructure, software and business processors that allow them to succeed in their goals.

By using the Hub & Spoke methodology, we can ensure you get the expert help in the areas your business requires, with the support of relevant partners.


Monitor & Manage

Hub and Spoke works with it’s partners  to provide first-class IT solutions, software, support, infrastructure and business services that are required for your business to operate at its best.  By using the Hub & Spoke methodology, we can ensure you get the expert help in the areas your business requires, with the support of relevant partners

By using Hub & Spokes powerful monitoring software, we can remotely monitor and manage your critical business assets.

Features Include:

  • Real-Time User Monitoring,
  • Website Monitor, Infrastructure & Cloud Services, Servers, Web Services, Mail Services, Domain Checks, Virtual infrastructure, AWS, Azure, .net, Linux, Applications, Networks, Switches, Routers.

Third Party integration includes:

  • #slack, webhooks, bigpanda, Hipchat,zapier, ManageEngine.
  • Custom Dashboards
  • Reporting
  • Alarm Alerts
  • Email and mobile monitoring

All this helps us to keep your infrastructure operating to its fullest potential while reducing unplanned downtime.

Contact us to discuss our affordable monitoring solution.



CAAS Connectivity
as a Service

Caas stands for Connectivity as a Service and simply put, is WAN, LAN or Internet, as a service.

With the ever-increasing data requirement, bandwidth, IoT demands, businesses need to know their connectivity will work efficiently.

Caas allows for:

  • Fast, reliable internet
  • Fast Reliable Multi Location Wide Area Connectivity
  • Secure Manage Networks
  • Central management – Connectivity made simple

Through Hub and Spoke’s partnership network, we can offer fully managed connectivity solutions. Using our partner expertise, we can ensure that you get the best connection, that suits your business and is fit for purpose and your budget.

Compliant – Our Partners are accredited to the highest industry standards, including accreditations from HSCN (Health & Social Care Network) and PSN (Public Sector Network).

Contacts us to discuss your connectivity challenges; we truly believe connectivity should be as simple as switching on a light!


Managed Infrastructure

Hub & Spoke Partnership network permits us to offer a range of IT managed services.

Whether you are a small independent business seeking an I.T partner or a large organisation requiring a complete, IT managed service; we’re sure to have the relevant solution to fit your requirements.

Our partnerships mean we can offer

  • Flexible,
  • Scalable options,
  • For on-premise support,
  • Managed hosting or cloud-based solutions.

Choosing Hub & Spoke gives your business access to first-class service, delivery, and support.

With our agile approach, we can respond swiftly to your business challenges, through problem-solving and by creating a managed services system that works for you, your business, your customers and your customers’ customers.


Information Security & Data Protection

We take the principles of Privacy-by-Design and Security-by-Design seriously. They are the first defence against undesirable operational mishaps.

Hub & Spoke can provide support regardless of your business size. Our services range from SaaS compliance support to expert risk management and compliance consultancy.

At a minimum, all firms should attain the minimum cybersecurity benchmark of Cyber Essentials; a specification developed by HM Government specifically for businesses.

At the onset of each project together, we will always seek to understand and advise you on the best security and compliance considerations for a safe and successful project.


Service &
Desktop Support

HUB & SPOKE can offer a range of Service and Desktop Support solutions.

Scalable to suit any business, we can offer a range of services such as-

  • Pay as you Go remote support
  • Break Fix, Support and Service Contracts
  • In Hours and Out of Hours.

Hub and Spoke will work with your team to provide the IT Support Services required to fulfil your business needs.

Through the use of our Hubs and Spoke methodology and with business partners throughout the UK, we can tailor a support and service solution that ensures your business gets the help and support you need when your business needs it.

Onsite or remote, day or night, 24/7, 365 days, we are here to help!

Get in touch to discuss your challenges and requirements.

We can offer Tech and IT Support in the following areas, North, South, East, West. London, Birmingham, Solihull, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle or even Scotland.



Have you considered paying monthly or quarterly for your technology refresh?

At Hub and Spoke, we specialise in providing the ultimate IT Kit experience to help you stay connected to the office even when you’re at home.

A Tech-as-a-Service subscription standardises hardware, operating systems and services across your business, ensuring a non-fragmented IT estate, with reduced management complexity and support costs.

Our comprehensive services include seamless installation and supply of everything from top-of-the-line PC Kits to high-performance Printers and reliable Broadband lines. Additionally, we offer a personalised Support package that adds a touch of family-like care, ensuring your employees are delighted and able to work with utmost efficiency.

It spreads costs over the useful life of technology and services, into one simple plan.

Choose Hub and Spoke for a truly immersive home office experience that keeps you seamlessly connected to your work

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